Baby Boom

Block 6 is named Baby Boom.  Okay, I have to say it . . . I expect another huge influx of births as a result of the “Stay at Home” Orders.  So, this block seems rather timely!

I chose a pink versus blue color scheme, cliché I know.  After finishing this block, I really liked its overall impact!  Lots of triangles here, so just be sure to layout your pieces carefully.  Sew following the directions, and you will be fine. 

I personally have a new grandniece, just six months old that I have not seen in person yet.  I do love getting the texts and videos of her.  Some of the best videos are of her giggling – nothing is happier than a baby’s giggle!  This block reminds me of that – it makes me happy!

Block 6 – Baby Boom 

Here’s to new life and the excitement that goes with it!  I’m going to go watch again my grandniece while she giggles!  Choose your fabrics, have a giggle or two, and start stitching!

Bluebird Janet