Being Dated, Is Not All Bad (and bonus item)

Block 28 – Groovy Granny.   Granny square quilts are known by the blocks of squares that have been placed “on point” within the block.  Usually, it has a center square and each surrounding set of squares are of different colors/fabrics. However, it can just be random fabric squares – a great stash buster for those scrap quilt lovers!

As a child (without any grandmothers alive for me to observe), I envisioned Grannies as the stereo-typical -- old, slightly hunched lady with gray hair, spectacles, stay-at-home, loving, and sometimes with a cane.  I did not realize that I just described myself minus the cane!  Wow, a reality check for me!  In no way, do I feel that I have become that aged relic like I imagined!  I prefer to be a “Groovy Granny”! 

Here is the pattern link and the sample block.

Block 28 – Groovy Granny  


I have one more EXTRA TREAT and this is for those that like counted cross-stitch.


Just like I thought I might see at “Grannies House” is a sampler type stitch design.  Thanks to Moda designer Brenda Riddle who brings us this project.  Click here on “Pink Band Sampler”.  

The years and the mirror have changed my viewpoint of a “granny”.  It is about how you feel inside!  I’ll be stitching today with upbeat music.  Choose bright happy colors and let this be your Groovy Granny block!  

Get in the Groove with Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet