Being Famous

Block 21 – Celebrity.   An expression for those public individuals that are well known, of prominence and famous.   The terms “Superstar” and “Megastar” also seem to fit well for this block.

This star is prominent and has a sense of being a dignitary!  The choice of your color values will decide whether the large triangle star points command attention, or the smaller triangle star points call out to you.  

Once again, here is the pattern link and a sample block to help you with your fabric selection.

Block 21 – Celebrity 

While we can’t all be celebrities (or can we?), go ahead and let this block shine bold and bright for you!    This quilt star maker is actually working on finishing my Stitch Pink store sample, so I’m headed back to the sewing machine.   I’d like to think that the Hubble telescope might focus in on this star, but likely not.  Once completed, I will share the quilt at the store for your viewing pleasure.

Just like me, keep on stitching . . .

Bluebird Janet