Build Strong

Block 12 - House on the Hill.   For those that are not local to our store here in Grand Terrace, we are “on the hill” named Blue Mountain.   I just love this block and had so much fun making it!  I chose to make the door a different color so that it would stand out!  

The reason for the distinctive door was from my real life experience when traveling in New England with a group of other quilters.  We were on a bus headed to our destination -- a quilt store, of course!  While stopped for traffic in a residential area, I saw it. . . one house with a bright yellow door!  It wasn’t gold, or tan.  It was “screaming” Lemon Yellow.  It stood out amongst all the other structures in view, and even made its own house color (a blue teal) dim in comparison.   That was a bold statement and a happy note at the same time!  Ever since, I have decided to have the front door of my home “make a strong happy statement”.   Just watch out for community/civic codes when doing this.

Find the pattern link here and a block sample.

Block 12 – House on the Hill


Play with fabric, build your home and remember to be strong and build strong!  I’m here making happiness visible, even at the front door!  Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet