Charity Sewing benefits Steven's Hope for Children

Bluebird Quilts & Gallery has chosen Steven’s Hope for Children as the focus of our charity efforts.  The charity’s mission is to provide hope for families with seriously ill children in the form of housing  and other essential needs while going through immensely difficult times.  Our support is in the form of cash donations from the sales of our Row by Row 9th Row Kits.  And, the many items made at our monthly free Charity Sewing event and donations from customers.   Quilts, receiving blankets, small bags, zippered pouches, and pillowcases are just a few of the items that find their way into the hands of children throughout the year. Christmas of 2017 we shared dozens and dozens of quilts – stacked high!  While we share the love and warmth of a quilt to a child – we receive even more heartfelt warmth in the process!    Feel free to "warm up" and join us each month – usually the third Sunday of the month!