Don't Miss Out . . .

Block 7 brings us Jersey Girl.  I know this pattern name as Dresden Plate, which is easy to remember since it appears as a fancy dish design.  This is fun to do and sewing those points is a snap once you learn the tip (shown in the pattern). 

I am not the cook my mother was, she could pull together just about anything and make a meal that was wonderful!  I consider myself a microwave cooker – I can read instructions and push buttons.  Oh, how I wish I had my mother’s skill!   However, I do enjoy making cookies from scratch (still following a recipe).  One of my favorites is walnut pinwheel cookies.  I would make them every Christmas.   My only problem is – I lost the recipe a few years ago!   I’ve looked every year for it, I’ve tried googling it, and through recipe books and still no luck.  There are similar recipes; some made with pie crusts, some with cream cheese, and so forth, but not the one I knew and loved!  I’ll keep looking and perhaps someday it will appear again.  Oh, how I miss those cookies, and my husband misses them, too! 

So, why am I talking about a missing recipe?  Because fancy plates can be a memory you have and you miss (perhaps at grandma’s house, or at a fine restaurant).  And, in the quilt world, many times these Dresden Plate quilts were made from clothing scraps of loved ones – whom you may be missing too. 

Don’t miss out on making this block, here is the pattern link and a sample block.

Block 7 – Jersey Girl (Dresden Plate) 


Have fun pulling together your color choices – I’m going to check again to see if I can find the missing recipe.  Right now I’m in the mood for a plate of walnut pinwheel cookies!

Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet