Food In The Forest (and bonus item)

Block 24 – Pine Nut.

I can see the pointed petals of a pine cone here.  You find the seeds inside, after you get stuck trying to get past the points!  I have tried to harvest those seeds, so I gladly pay to purchase the seeds already harvested.  It is a matter of how much effort I wish to put into a project.  

Do not be afraid of the points in this block design.  The points and the “odd” shapes are all achieved by adding squares and sewing on the diagonal.  So the effort is easy – not difficult.   

Here is the pattern link and a sample block:

Block 24 – Pine Nut  


EXTRA - EXTRA - Today, as an added bonus- stitchpink_k-schmitz_feature

I am adding the link to a small pincushion project to make - Titled "A Cut Above" by Moda designer Kathy Schmitz.  Just something extra if you like to do embroidery. 

Click here for the pattern.

Well, I’m thinking about food now, maybe not pine nuts, probably M&M Peanuts.  Afterall, they melt in your mouth, not in your hands, and I'll be sewing!   

Grab a snack for happy stitching!

Bluebird Janet