Let The Music Play

Block 13 - Rock n’ Roll is today’s design.  Put the music on and let it take you on a ride of memories, fun, and motion!  Depending on your color choices, this block could appear like it might roll around.  

I am reminded of my days in college when studying late at night and yes, music was playing.  Amazing how when I hear some of those same songs today, they bring me back to that place in time.  I really like to have music playing while I sew.  It is not long until I find myself humming/singing and maybe even swaying (usually while ironing) to the rhythm of the music.  I’m hoping that as time goes on those songs will once again bring me happiness. 

Find the pattern link and a sample block here.

Block 13 – Rock n’ Roll


Find your music and make your day special by creating new memories of good times.  Time for me to boost the volume and get sewing. 

Happy Singing and Stitching!

Bluebird Janet