Love Is In The Air

Block 20 – Blow Me A Kiss.   I am sure that this was probably named prior to the whole pandemic situation we find ourselves in right now.  But, it is still romantic to think of a loved one’s kiss being airborne on its way to you!  And, do you in return grab it to hold onto?  A simple sweet gesture in both directions!  

This block also offers the simple sweet piecing of straight lines.  Similar to a log cabin construction, where you begin piecing from the center and keep adding to each of the sides while working your way to the outside of the block.  I love the color change of the “logs” to create even more interest. 

Find the pattern link and our block versions here:

Block 20 – Blow Me A Kiss



Simple and sweet, time to cut some strips and squares!  I’m blowing a virtual kiss to each of you, then heading back to my sewing room for more piecing fun!  

Happy Stitching!  

Bluebird Janet