Mary Arrives . . .

Block 14 - Along Comes Mary.  Okay, back to female names.  I’m sure everyone knows a Mary.  And, there is even a song with this title.  But where was Mary, that she has now arrived? 

Mary, the contrary was in the garden, seeing how it grows.  Mary Poppins was probably with another disfunctional family.   There was also shepherd Mary that tended to her little lamb.   George M. Cohan’s song of Mary explains that simple is still grand!

The center of this block is simple and commands attention.  The surrounding triangles are worthy of the effort to make them give the finished block a grand appearance.  

It is the surrounding triangles that you will want to be careful when piecing, being sure to first sew on the short side of the triangles (not the long side). Second, when piecing the triangles, allow little dog ears when sewing your 1/4" seam allowance, so they match up properly.  And third, do not stretch those short triangle sides as they are a bias edge and can stretch easily.  Careful handling will bring this block together. 

Here is the pattern link and a sample block:

Block 14 – Along Comes Mary 


Quilting offers great lessons to everyday happenings.  Just like in life, careful handling with people can bring about grand results!   For now, I hear my machine calling me “let’s sew!”  Happy stitching! 

Bluebird Janet