Monkeying Around

Block 3 brings us “Monkeying Around,” an adaption of the Monkey Wrench design.  

I enjoy finding the source of block names.  The original Monkey Wrench block has no small triangles in the corners, so the remaining design has the appearance of the Monkey Wrench tool when you view any of the sides of the block.  I can just imagine the quiltmaker was working on this block and someone (probably the husband) said “Hey, that looks like my monkey wrench tool” to which the quiltmaker has a “ta-da” moment, and therefore called it a Monkey Wrench block. 

I checked further and found that the actual mechanics tool originally was called an adjustable wrench, and patented in 1835 by a Solymon Merrick. However, in 1858 Charles Moncky invented a similar wrench.  He must have had a “ta-da” moment himself, because he intentially named it Monkey Wrench . . . I call that advertising genius!  People do remember Monkey, while his name Moncky would be harder to remember. 

Whatever you call it, this adapted block offers a great graphic look. See the block below, while you have fun pulling your colors to make this one.  

Block 3 – Monkeying Around

I’m just monkeying around here in my sewing room having some quilting fun. Time for you to go and have some of your own fun! 

Bluebird Janet