Nature Is Calling

Block 15 – Tweet Tweet.  No, I didn’t name this block – but it seems that I could have, since “Tweet Tweet Tweet” is my signature greeting here at Bluebird Quilts! 

This appears to be an adaptation of the Birds in the Air block design.  Normally seen as a large half square triangle block with one fabric on one half, and a series of small triangles (only 3 per each side) on the other half of the block.  As shown here:

I got excited to do this block – the possibilities of using so many fabrics and to create a color flow through the block was the fun for me!  I love color!  This would be a beautiful design done in scrap fabrics or a theme – like patriotic, as well.  Ooh. . . what about light orange as the background color, and black, purple, lime green for the “birds” as a Halloween version.  So many options!

Follow the link for the pattern, and see a sample block here:

Block 15 - Tweet Tweet  


Go play with your fabrics and find your own fun choices!  I’ll be singing/whistling a happy tune as I continue to sew.  May your day be blessed with a happy tune as well – Happy Tweet Sewing!

Bluebird Janet