No Quilt Police

Block 9 is titled Breaking Rules.   My first thought was – no quilt police!  The shear act of quilting is a creative outlet and what rules (yeah, quidelines) there are – they can be broken!  So, no law enforcement is needed here for creative choices. 

To take it further, creative choices are not always a bad thing, they often offer the opportunity to redo, recreate, or adapt.  Those changes can bring forth happy results!  And leftover pieces can bring forth joy as well!

The 4-patch blocks here are set to create a chain.  I love making 4-patches, and many times I combine leftover binding strips with light color fabric strips to make 4-patch units.  The process of first sewing the strips together and then cutting across to make the pairs. Those pairs are then sewn into a 4-patch.  I do this in between other sewing projects at my machine. (Bonnie Hunter calls these leaders and enders.)

I can envision an entire quilt made with scraps using this block pattern.  Each block using one consistent fabric for the large squares and then my collection of sewn 4-patches for the rest of the block.  This quilt can be so fun as each block can appear to be a different color by the fabric choice used for the large squares of that block.

The pattern link follows as well as a sample block.

Block 9 - Breaking Rules

Have fun with your fabrics, and if you must . . . break a rule!     Afterall, it is YOUR quilt!  I’m ready to start on that scrap quilt – so many projects – so little time!  Keep stitching!

Bluebird Janet