Today I was busy making Half Square Triangle Units.  Not a problem, just stitching away happily.  It wasn't until I came to pressing that I found something terribly wrong!   Oops!  How did I grab 2 of the same fabric and stitch them in place?  


I'm usually pretty good at feeling the weight/amount of fabrics I grab, but missed this one.  AND, more importantly . . . how did I not notice that I was off and missing a triangle?  

You guessed it . . . I did the Oops, not once, but twice.  There was a second unit that had two of one print and 1 of the background!  Okay,  it was an easy remedy, and then off to happily stitching again.  

Don't let the day's set back, stop the process . . . regroup, or unstitch, and continue on!  

Happy Stitching to one and all!                           

Bluebird Janet

Psst!  These are for the store's display Stitch Pink Quilt-Along sample quilt.