Play It Again . . .

Block 17 – Casablanca.  I imagine your first thought was “Play it again Sam”, am I right?

We can see that what was done in the center was repeated out to the corners – thus playing it again.  Repetition can be a very effective tool in quiltmaking.  Repeating the same block for a cohesive use is common.  Sometimes it is the use of one element (like a 4-patch unit) carried throughout the top design.  And, when challenged for what type of border to add to the quilt, repeating an element from the main body of the top and using it repeatedly adds great dimension to the finished top. 

I really think though, that this block was in reference to a fan.  There is a Casablanca fan company that has ceiling fans with blades. Whatever we call this block, I can see fan blades. 

Follow the pattern link and see the sample here:

Block 17 – Casablanca

No matter if it is hot enough for a ceiling fan, go ahead, spread out your fabrics and create your own fan.  Listening to some music, sewing like a breeze and maybe, just maybe . . .  play that song again.

Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet