Quintet please . . .

Block 11 - Five and Nine.  Easy to see the source of this title, five 9-patch blocks.  Just a classic unit in a classic setting!  

It seems that multiples of simple items when placed in groups appear artful!  As we approach the holiday season, perhaps you’ll place shiny round tree ornaments in a large glass bowl.  Or arrange a grouping of candles on the mantle, or even hang the stockings in a group on the mantle itself!   When grouping, have you noticed that “odd” numbers group better than even?   Five items group easier than four, so I would want five or a quintet please, to use when decorating.   

This block takes advantage of that same grouping of five to give an artful appearance.  Enjoy making this block with the pattern link here and the sample block.

Block 11 – Five and Nine 

I’m starting to sort through my fabrics today in an effort to organize my “stash”.  You can be sure I’ll be grouping colors together – just not counting them out at this time.  It would be better not know how many I have of each!  Onward to my treasure trove – who knows what other items I may find!

Keep stitching on!

 Bluebird Janet