Reach Onward and Upward

Block 27 – Give Me Wings.   These “birds” have colorful wings! I see the birds hovering around a central object – perhaps, it could be the bird bath, but more likely the hummingbird feeder. It is known that hummingbirds are very territorial.  Throughout the day, I see one hummer sit and wait, then chase away others around our feeder.  Yet, I am always amazed that as the day ends and the sun is setting, the aggressiveness is gone and this champion allows others to feed at the same time. 

Wings allow us to fly (unless you’re an ostrich), and you will find that you can fly through making this block.  Isn’t it great that near the end of our project the blocks seem easier?

Here is the pattern link and the sample block.

Block 27 – Give Me Wings 


I am ready to fly to my machine for my daily dose of stitching.  I wonder though, why we can’t be more like the hummingbirds?  We have our daily tasks, but at days end - we realize that we all need to gather and share. Nature is a good teacher! 

May your day’s flight plan include some happy stitching as you press on and continue upward with your quilt!

Bluebird Janet