Special Is Where It Is At . . .

Block 16 – Just Call Me A Diva.  Diva was originally for an opera or musical star.  Society has taken that to include just about anyone that is “Exceptional”.  And, it can also have a negative meaning for individuals that claim superiority.   

In this case, I think the former is true.  An exceptional star design that seems to explode with a shimmering effect.   Depending on color choices (as you know by now, I love to think of color), a warm yellow or goldenrod could turn this into a sunflower – another diva in the flower world.

I would hope to someday visit Kansas and see an entire field of Sunflowers.  What a spectacular sight that must be!   Okay Toto, we’re not in Kansas, so . . .  

Here’s the pattern link, and a sample block:

Block 16 – Just Call Me A Diva


Pick sunny colors for a flower, favorite colors of a Diva you know, or just your own favorites, have a great time stitching . . . just watch out for tornados!  

The wind is blowing here.  Actually I'm creating a whirlwind of pieced items off of my sewing machine.  So, until next time - - I am not a diva, just - 

Bluebird Janet