Square Is Okay!

Remember that first quilt patch unit you made?  It was probably the 4-patch block made with squares.   Yes, the most basic building block is the square.  It can be the cornerstone to other blocks, and when made in a 4-patch design, can become an accent inside blocks, and can even provide a linear look throughout a quilt!  And it is not surprising to see many scrap quilts with multiples of these units as the entire quilt.  It all starts with a square - so square is okay!

I love making 4-patch units, as you can see here.  These are for the store display of the Stitch Pink Quilt-along that will begin October 1. 

It is good to be sewing something that is very familiar.  No need to think, or rethink how to assemble, just time to tune in with the fabric and machine to stitch away for a few minutes, or even a few hours.   Whatever time allows.  

Did you also happen to learn the "mini 4-patch" on the back?  I find that many individuals have not been shown this "tip".  It allows your block to lie flatter in the quilt without bulky areas of seam allowances in one spot - the center spot.  

So a few pictures here will help.   


Slide #1 shows the location of the few (usually 3) stitches that need to be unsewn. Start with the stitch closest to the edge of fabric (at the top). Pull it free from the bottom locking stitch, move to the next one and pull, and then again, stopping where the stitches meet the cross stitched seams (running from left to right).  You may be tempted to cut the thread, but that could later result in your seams opening in your finished quilt.  Just leave the unstitched threads hanging.  Repeat on the opposite side of the sewn unit.

Slide #2 shows that we have opened the unit and proceed to press the seams to the side so that they rotate around the center.  When doing so the center should open up . . . giving you 

Slide #3 the mini 4-patch design on the back.  You can finger press this flat.  Notice how the seams all press in a circular fashion.  

Slide #4 shows the front of your finished unit. 

I'm so happy to see the finished unit with the 4 squares matched, and even happier knowing that the unit is flat and NOT BULKY in the center. 

Time to continue working with my squares - yes, it is okay to be square -- especially when sewing. 

Happy stitching!                                                           

Bluebird Janet