Star Shower

Block 18 – Catch a Falling Star.  Not one, not two, or even three . . . but catch four stars in this block!

As the song goes, “Put it in your pocket, never let it fade away”.  Over time, items fade and quilts are no exception, especially the brightness of the fabric may lose its vibrancy!

What doesn’t fade is the memory of the maker, the good wishes sent with it, and the history the owner creates with it.   Let me share a story . . .

About a year or so ago, a customer came to the store trying to find additional fabrics to match her project, actually projects.  She was making quilts for younger family members.  The tops were adorable and bright, and we were able to find similar fabrics to assist her in making them larger.  What was exceptional about these quilt tops was how she was including more than her time and skill.  She was inserting fabric pieces to the backside of the top.  The fabric came from her mother’s tablecloth.  Each piece had a written message of encouragement and love.  This quiltmaker was sharing her mother’s love, counsel, and blessings by passing them on to the descendants in this special way.  The grandchildren may never see these blessings, but they are there, just the same – never to fade away.  Here is a photo so you can see what I mean. 


Following is the pattern link and a sample block to view

Block 18 – Catch a Falling Star


Star catching, and star making . . . a quilter’s day ahead.  Join me in creating stars with happy stitching!

Bluebird Janet