Stop to Smell the Flowers, Or Make One

Block 4 brings us Flower Power.  I lived through the 1970’s known for the Hippie movement, and Flower Power with colorful daisies seen everywhere!

I have not seen this block before and it is like a style from the 1930’s.  However, looking at the flower portion alone reminds me of those multi-petaled daisies, and with the added stem and leaves gives it a delicate nature.  While this looks challenging, it is made with two sizes of half square triangles keeping it easy for quilters.

Once again, here is the link to the pattern and a block example.

Block 4 – Flower Power

What colors will you choose?  I love a colorful garden.  Perhaps I'll stop sewing long enough to go outside and enjoy the colors on display in my garden.  Nature helps to rejuvenate one's soul, so maybe that is what is meant by "flower power"?

Bluebird Janet