Time To Look Below (and bonus Item)

Block 25 – Underground.  I see arrows pointing down to something below.  I also see the outline of house-shaped units.   Is there something there we should be looking at or looking for? 

I am thinking of the foundation – which is underground.  The start of a building comes with the foundation being laid.   Same with quilting.  The start of a project is the foundation or skills to begin the construction.  Revisiting the basics on piecing, cutting and sewing is never a waste of time – it reinforces learned behaviors and strengthens them.  

When was the last time you checked your scant 1/4” seam?  Have you recently changed your rotary blade for smooth cuts of fabric?  Are your rulers losing theirs marks, or your rotary mat dry and worn out? 

I recently heard that you can spray water on your cutting mat at the end of the day, and allow the mat to soak up the water overnight.  I’ve added this to my routine, maybe once every two weeks and am amazed at how much better the mat feels the next morning.  Try it.

Back to our current project, here is the pattern link and a sample block:

Block 25 – Underground 


Another EXTRA TREAT for those that enjoy counted cross stitch.


Find the pattern for this pincushion by Moda designer Susan Ache by clicking here on “Stamped Heart”.    

I just realized that it has been over a year since I last changed my rotary blade, so I’m off to do so, and then on to more cutting and sewing.  Have a piece-filled day . . . Happy Stitching.

Bluebird Janet