Touch is so important.  As quilters we say "we like the 'hand' of the fabric ",  meaning the feel of the cloth.

I was sitting with a patient in a hospital bed that had large mitts on their hands to protect themselves from touching and causing further injury to an area.  Frustration was apparent because of the inability to use their hands.  Reasoning was not an option due to being sedated.

Yet, the mere act of sliding one fingertip into the mitts access hole and touching the patient's fingers,  immediately calmed them.  It was touch.  The magic connection of finger to finger as small as it was had powerful strength!

So often we refer to our quilts as also comforters because we do know the strength that the touch of something made by hand and in love can convey. Let us appreciate the power of this simple sense as we work on our projects.

Happy stitching! 

Bluebird Janet