Foliage Abounds

Block 19 – Tropicana.  Easily named for the large “leaf” design that is seen and accomplished by applique.   Oh, horror! The term “applique” is considered by some people like a bad 4-letter word.  Nevertheless, there are several ways to approach the applique technique ---  you just need to find the one that fits you best!   

This pattern shows you the method of using a fusible interfacing to stitch the design, turn and then press into place. At that point you can stitch down the edges with hand or machine.  It still creates the curve shape.  For those that enjoy other forms of applique, as I do, you can use your favorite method for this block. 

Please note that the pattern also offers two options for placement of the leaves. 

Find the pattern link here and both versions of the leaf placement in our blocks.

Block19 – Tropicana



I hope that seeing both versions will help you decide how you wish to do your block.  I like both versions!

While not in the tropics, it is still hot here in Southern California.  I think I’ll go fix a tall cool drink (non-alcoholic) to take to my sewing machine and proceed to “leaf” through some fabrics. 

Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet